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Michael Akerson
Dr. Michael Akerson (Owner)

SpecialityChiropractic Physician

EducationDC, CSCS

Work DaysMonday-Friday

Dr. Michael Akerson DC, CSCS

I had a calling to become a Chiropractor after having suffered an injury to my hamstring at 17 years of age. After attempting Physical Therapy and other medical interventions for 2 years, I developed back low back pain. This prompted me to see a Chiropractor. Not only did my low back pain improve with his care, but so did my hamstring. This was amazing since I had not discussed my injury to my hamstring with him. I have been an athlete since the age of 5. In my youth, I played football, basketball, baseball and I wrestled. I was also a 3-time state champion in power lifting. I found a passion for mountain biking and other endurance sports at the age of 26, which I continue to enjoy today. Having dealt with many of the same injuries I treat has given me introspection to refine, develop and progress my skills as a practitioner.

Helping people get back into life has been extremely gratifying over these past 17 years. In my early years of practice, I focused on treating professional athletes. I have worked with some of the best athletes in the world. I have treated triathletes, mixed martial artists, cyclists, runners, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball and soccer players. I have since come to realize that watching an individual's condition improve, regardless of their sport or passion, is what matters to me. Knowing that I played an intricate role in that person's care is what really fills my heart. I promise to always do my best to help you do your best, wherever your passion lies.