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Todd Murray
Dr. Todd Murray

SpecialityChiropractic Physician


Work DaysTuesday & Thursday

Dr. Todd Murray DC

I originally became interested in becoming a Chiropractor after seeing my own results from a concussion I suffered while playing competitive hockey as a teenager in Canada. While time and rest reduced the intensity of my symptoms, it wasn’t until receiving Chiropractic care that I was able to recover completely from intense headaches and dizziness. This experience not only led me to my career choice, but it taught me the importance of taking a proactive approach to my health.

I believe that paying attention to the five facets of health can help us all become the healthiest expression of ourselves. Chiropractic care, exercise/posture, nutrition, sleep and stress reduction are paramount to good health. I enjoy playing a role in helping people live life on their own terms and not strictly by their limitations. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my wife, Connie, and our three kids Cameron, Kelty and Grant.